Claws Off New England: N.H. Distillery Infuses Invasive Crab Into Whiskey

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TAMWORTH, N.H. (WBZ NewsRadio) — A snapping new flavor is digging its claws into the hearts of whiskey aficionados and environmentalists alike, as a distillery in Tamworth, New Hampshire churns out drinks infused with an invasive species of crab to North America.

Tamworth Distillery's "Crab Trapper" whiskey is made with a bourbon base steeped with a custom green crab, corn, and spice blend mixture, according to the company's website. The distillery chose green crab for the whiskey in a hybrid motivation to make a boozy beverage while taking a stance against one of the world's most commonly known invasive species.

The Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management says European green crabs arrived to New England more than a hundred years ago, and have since wreaked havoc on shellfish populations and eelgrass beds. The outcompeting species of crab has spread all along the coast from Delaware to Nova Scotia, eventually becoming the most common crab found in the region.

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Though the whiskey alone won't completely stave off a green crab invasion— it's certainly a start. Tamworth Distillery officials say the body of the Crab Trapper tastes of hints of maple and vanilla oak notes, with other flavors mixed in.

"The spirit finishes with heavier notes of clove, cinnamon, and allspice, leaving a light, pleasant spice on the palate," Tamworth Distillery said.

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