Clear Motion Aims At Reducing Potholes Through Tech

BILLERICA, Mass (WBZ NewsRadio) — Spring has arrived, and that means its pothole season will season across New England.

A Billerica company is developing technology that helps drivers navigating through potholes and over bumpy road surfaces that might be helpful in the years ahead.

The company, Clear Motion has created active suspension technology which detects potholes and uses hydraulics to adjust the vehicle's wheels to smooth out the ride.

Vijay Sridhar, an engineer with Clear Motion says the system also has information sharing capability.

The software keeps track of the potholes and shares the information across the system so everybody using the technology gets a heads up on bumps ahead.

It is their goal that the new technology will make potholes less painful. 

WBZ NewsRadio’s Carl Stevens (@CarlWBZ) reports

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