Congressman Bill Keating: Putin Is Acting Out Of 'Desperation' In Ukraine

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — While chairing the latest House Accountability for Atrocity Crimes Committed by Russia in Ukraine subcommittee hearing on documenting Russian war crimes in Ukraine, Massachusetts Congressman Bill Keating said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is acting out of "desperation."

Keating called the Kremlin's recent actions as such during the hearing.

"Recruiting new soldiers from high security Russian prisons and initiating partial mobilization of 300,000 additional Russian troops. He also alluded to the potential use of nuclear weapons and forced shamed referendums in a craven attempt to justify his unbridled aggression. The western world needs to take notice of these decisions— and take note very seriously," Keating said.

Keating went on to discuss documenting Russian war crimes committed in Ukraine with its leaders and witnesses of the atrocities. Keating says that out of the United Nation's estimate of roughly 35,000 people killed in the war, 5,000 were civilians.

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"There are public acknowledgements that Putin has failed in his special operation in Ukraine, and we know that Putin would only institute a draft if he felt [he had] no other choice. Every one-way ticket out of Russia to the few countries still granting Visa access are sold out. Every member of the Russian government who supported this brutal war must be held accountable," Keating said.

WBZ's Tim Dunn (@ConsiderMeDunn) reports.

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