Danvers High School Wrestling Team Suspended Over Alleged Racist Incident

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DANVERS, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) – Danvers is suspending its high school wrestling team as it investigates a hateful incident that surfaced on social media.

In a letter posted on Facebook Tuesday, Danvers Public Schools (DPH) said they became aware of a video last week depicting a fight from three years ago involving two Danvers High School students.

“The initial investigation of this incident revealed other concerns related to a wrestling team group Snapchat including references to hazing and hateful and biased language,” the letter read. “While we believe not all team members are active participants in this chat, we will be suspending all team activities until our investigation is complete.”

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The video shows one member of the school’s current wrestling team using racist language and physically fighting another student who confronted them. In addition to looking into the matter themselves, DPH has reported the incident to Danvers Police. DPH also said that further action will be taken following the investigation’s outcome.

“This incident serves as an important reminder for students and families to review their use of social media and cell phones and to reinforce that racist, biased or inappropriate language will be addressed with disciplinary and restorative sanctions,” the letter continued. “We must continue to strive toward creating a respectful community in which everyone belongs.”

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This comes as Danvers has been dealing with a slew of hateful and discriminatory incidents among students, including reports of racist and homophobic hazing rituals from the school’s hockey team. Angry parents and teachers have also asked for the resignation of Superintendent Lisa Dana.

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