Does Your Partner Pass The 'Bird Test?'

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Making the rounds on social media is a little test you can play on your partner that supposedly indicates the strength, or not, of that relationship.

It's called the 'bird test.'

By asking your partner a relatively inane question such as 'Do you see that woodpecker over there?' and seeing how your partner reacts is said to be an indication of whether that relationship will last.

Paying attention to the question and appearing interested while looking to see the woodpecker is obviously good. Ignoring the question and not looking for the woodpecker is obviously not good.

But is the 'bird test' actually grounded in any real science?

The answer is.... kind of. Turns out the 'bird test' is based loosely on a real study that was conducted with newlyweds back in the 1990s.

WBZ's Madison Rogers (@MadisonWBZ) has more. 

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