Don’t Tell Todd! Sav-Mor In Somerville Is Moving To Assembly Row

Photo: Karyn Regal / WBZ

SOMERVILLE, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) – A beloved liquor store has told its last joke from its towering sign.

For years drivers stuck in traffic on McGrath Highway in Somerville were entertained by the Sav-Mor Spirits sign. Dozens of cheeky sayings later, the store will be moving to its new home at Assembly Row.

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Sav-More has been at the same location for 40 years and been putting up clever signs since 2008. All of them have been written by Robbie Weiner, whose family owns the chain.

“My favorite one might just be when I put up “Out of Order” because it’s so silly,” Weiner explained. “Obviously the sign is working if I have a message on it [so] it’s just ironic.”

Other memorable signs included “Free lap dance with purchase,” “Now selling pumpkin crap,” “Insert witty slogan here” and “Wine for Mother’s Day because you drove her to it.” There was also a hilarious billboard war between Sav-Mor and the nearby McDonald’s that took place five years ago.

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The sign currently reads “Thank you for 40 great years. Moved to Assembly Row. Don’t tell Todd.” A new sign is supposed to go up at the store's new location, but Weiner is not sure whether it will go after the neighbors.

WBZ’s Karyn Regal (@Karynregal) has more:

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