Doug Cope Retires From WBZ NewsRadio

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — After 16 years as a reporter and anchor at WBZ NewsRadio, Doug Cope is retiring. Carl Stevens, who has been dubbed as the station's in-house poet, penned a poem on Cope's last day.

We wish Doug all the best as he heads into retirement.

An Ode To Doug Cope

By Carl Stevens

Let unicorns dance on the edge of the moon..

Light the candles, fill the spoon!

Let the morning sun set the sky on fire, Because Doug Cope is finally going to retire.

He did so many stories for so many years.

He passed along laughter and conveyed the tears.

A journalistic tiger who truth unchanged, He covered nor’easters, funerals, parades.

His knowledge was as wide as the ocean is long.

Radio was sure where Doug belonged.

But he paid his dues and did his time,

And now he’ll walk his own darn line.

A mimosa in the morning, Jack Daniels at dusk.

He can do what he wants, and won’t have to rush.

The sun is setting on a wonderful career.

But it’s also rising on some wonderful years.

He painted pictures with words without even thinking.

He looked in the face of truth without blinking.

A fine reporter, we’ll miss him a lot.

But it’s time that he gets to call his own shots.

It’s time that he gets to do life his way.

Doug, thanks for your work.Enjoy the days!

WBZ NewsRadio's Carl Stevens (@CarlWBZ) reports

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