Dropkick Murphys File Cease-And-Desist-Letter Against Neo-Nazis

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — It was that time of year in Boston where everything's green, parades are in full swing, and the Dropkick Murphys roll into town for live performances featuring "Shipping It Up To Boston," the City's unofficial anthem. But just after their "Saint Patrick's Day Tour," one Massachusetts-based group caught the band's attention, culminating in legal action from the musicians.

An attorney representing DKM issued a cease-and-desist-letter to the New England Nationalist Social Club (otherwise known as NSC 131) on Tuesday for their unpermitted use of "The Boys Are Back" in a video posted online.

Many organizations referred to NSC 131 as a neo-Nazi group that began in Massachusetts and spread across the United States, preaching anti-Semitism, intolerant, and hostile rhetoric.

WBZ NewsRadio reached out to DKM's publicist, who verified that a copy of the letter posted on Twitter was authentic. According to the letter, NSC 131 had posted a video with "The Boys Are Back" dubbed over it on Odysee, something DKM's legal representation said was in violation of U.S copyright law and constitutes willful copyright infringement.

"DKM has not (and would not, ever, in a million years) authorize or license to NSC 131 the right to use or exploit the Recording and/or Composition in the Video in question or any similar video," the letter read.

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The band performed at multiple Boston venues during their Saint Patrick's Day Tour, including at the House of Blues Boston and Roadrunner.

DKM's Twitter account also addressed NSC 131 in an expletive Tweet, that affirmed the letter's intent to demand that the group stop using their music.

As of posting, NSC 131's video has been removed from Odysee.

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