Dumpster Fire At Sharon Synagogue Being Investigated As Suspicious

SHARON (WBZ News Radio) – An investigation is ongoing into an overnight dumpster fire at a synagogue in Sharon. A call reporting the fire at the Chabad Center of Sharon came in at around 1:00 AM Monday morning. Police say the person who called in the fire first thought it was a bonfire, and then realized the flames were coming from the dumpster behind the synagogue building.

Rabbi Chaim Wolosow of the Chabad Center said he doesn't know why anyone would have wanted to start a fire at the synagogue. He said that Sharon is "A nice community." "We like to think that these things happen elsewhere...It's a little scary to start thinking that someone might want to burn your place down. Hopefully, that's not the case," Wolosow said.

Sharon Police said there's no proof that "anything nefarious" took place, but that they are treating the incident as suspicious.

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Written by Chaiel Schaffel

(Photo: Sharon Police Department)

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