Embattled Police Commissioner Dennis White Makes Last Case To Keep His Job

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Acting Mayor Kim Janey held a termination hearing Wednesday for suspended Boston Police Commissioner Dennis White.

"I held the hearing for Dennis White this morning, providing an opportunity for him to present any additional information. I will make a decision after careful deliberation," Janey said in a statement.

In February, decades-old domestic violence allegations against White surfaced.

In his statement to Janey, White denied all allegations. "I want the truth and the facts to dictate the outcome here, not terrible allegations made by unidentified persons who are not under oath and whose motivations are not known," White said.

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“Let’s be clear. I am a Black man, who has been accused falsely of crimes, I have not yet been given a fair trial, and I’m on the brink of being convicted, or terminated which is the equivalent here. As you know, that is a pattern that has been repeated in this country for centuries,” White said. “I believe it will be bad for Boston if that pattern is repeated here with me.”

“I also know that with the distribution of the investigator’s report and the City’s statements about it, my reputation has been destroyed wrongly. If I am terminated under the current circumstances, I will never be able to resurrect my reputation, I will never be able to clear my name, and my livelihood will be destroyed. I ask that you not do that to me. I ask for a chance to complete my term and to work with you to move the City and the Police forward.”

Janey did not offer a specific timeline for when she will make her decision.

WBZ NewsRadio's Karyn Regal (@KarynRegal) reports:

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(Photo: Karyn Regal/WBZ NewsRadio)

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