Ed Rosenthal On Marijuana 2020

On this episode of Blunt Talk, Brit talks to legendary cannabis activist, cultivator, author, educator, and advocate, Ed Rosenthal, about the place of cannabis in today's politics, and ideas for promoting social equity in the new cannabis industry.



NH House Committee passes rec legalization bill

SAFE Act (cannabis banking) voted through House Financial Services Committee

McGovern says STATES Act (to protect states w/cannabis laws from the feds) will be voted on in a few weeks.

Older Americans using cannabis more, helps them work longer:

NC Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced

NH Cannabis dispensary lobbyist testifies against MMJ patients growing their own

Stigmatizing cannabis in the media: NYT incorrectly reports pot edibles “pose special risks”

Elite NYC Cannabis Club a Hoax by legalization advocates:


Cannabis Anatomy And Terminology
Cannabis Anatomy And Terminology
On this episode of Blunt Talk, Brit talks to Ellen Brown of Sensimilla Seminars about the anatomy of a cannabis plant.


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