Everett's Night Shift Brewing Announces 'Likely' Layoffs Amid CO2 Shortage

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EVERETT, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — In the coming fall, some employees at one of Greater Boston's most prominent breweries may not have a job because of a CO2 shortage wracking the company.

Night Shift Brewing, based in Everett, announced on Wednesday that the CO2 gas which is used to make the beer is in short supply. Previously the company made plans to expand their brewing facility with a larger location in Philadelphia, but once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, those plans were scrapped.

Now, with production "inefficient" at the Everett facility, Night Shift says a majority of their production will move over to Jack's Abbey and Isle Brewer Guild's facilities. The brewing company said in a statement that come October, it's likely that many Night Shift employees won't have their positions anymore.

"We have guaranteed that everyone on our production team will get paid through October 1, regardless of whether there's work here or no work because we have no CO2. After October 1, those employees who no longer have jobs here will be given a severance package that accounts for both their seniority and tenure with the business."

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Though this is a "huge threat" to Night Shift's business, the brewery says they will not be dissolving, nor will they be closing any of their Taprooms or beer gardens. Night Shift says they do not expect there to be any major disruptions to their supply or quality of beer.

Even suppliers are feeling the pinch, as WBZ's Karyn Regal walked into Tolman Supply in South Boston and spoke to owner Brad Bankman, who was filling out his order for CO2 on a yellow notepad. Bankman says one of the main reasons for the shortage is contaminated gas, and that there isn't a viable substitute for CO2.

"The closest thing is carbon monoxide, and that's going to kill you. We cannot sell that as a substitute," Bankman said.

WBZ's Karyn Regal (@Karynregal) reports.

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