EverybodyFights Gym's Grand Opening Raises Money For Community

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — In Seaport on Saturday, EverybodyFights, a gym and boxing studio, celebrated the grand opening of their new gym on Drydock Avenue. The event raised money for low-income families and kids in Boston through the nonprofit Camp Harbor View.

EverybodyFights has a different mission than some gyms. They work with charities as a part of their mission to help the communities around them. Their website explains that they “believe each and every one of us are fighting for the things we love and feel passionate about. We believe that we as a community can and should do more to help organizations, individuals, and corporate entities deliver help to those in need.”

Co-owner Anthony Tivnan explained how EverybodyFights connects with the community. “You can go anywhere and get a workout in… But our gym is really about the community. And what better way to be in the community than to support our kids in the community that we’re in.”

Kaitlyn McDonough, who was at the grand opening, related how this gym is different from others. “EverybodyFights believes we are all in a fight, whether it be life or fitness. If you look on their schedule, you will see tons of different charity-based donation classes for multiple charities within the New England area.”

At the grand opening on Saturday, EverybodyFights raised money for Camp Harbor View, a nonprofit which works with thousands of Boston families and children to provide a free, high-quality summer camp for kids and year-round programs to support and empower families.

Camp Harbor View Executive Vice President Lisa Fortenberry said how grateful they were at CHV for their corporate supporters. “We’d be nothing without our champions, our funders, our donors, our supports. We are because they are. And so we’re so grateful for the ongoing support.” 

Around 600 people signed up for grand opening celebration. EverybodyFights hoped to raise $25,000 for the kids at CHV.

EverybodyFights has another gym in the Financial District, as well as locations in New York, Illinois and Georgia.

WBZ's Suzanne Sausville (@WBZSausville) reports.

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