Fire Crews On Alert After Brushfire In Lynn Over Mother's Day Weekend

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LYNN, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Fire crews in Lynn spent part of their Mother's Day weekend battling several brushfires in the Lynn Woods Reservation, and now they're on alert for more.

The brushfires all happened deep in the woods around Walden Pond Sunday and even stretched close to Lynnfield and Route 1, according to Lynn Fire Department District Chief Joseph Zukas. The crews were able to put out the fires, but with windy, dry, and summer-like conditions on the way, they're on alert for the possibility of more brushfires popping up.

"The wind with the oxygen fuels the fire and makes it worse," Zukas told WBZ's James Rojas. "It can spread a fire that might be small to a wider area."

Zukas said they're relying on the public's help to make sure they know when these types of brushfires start and spread.

"We're relying on the mountain bikers, the hikers, and runners that are in the woods," he said. "Everybody has a cell phone now so they'll call us."

One hiker in the area said she planned to hike in Lynn Woods with a friend but could not because of the fires. She said she has her own idea about the fire could have started.

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"I've seen people try to light fires," she said. "I called the fire department a couple of weeks ago because it does happen."

Open flames are prohibited in Lynn. The cause of this weekend's fires is still under investigation.

WBZ's James Rojas (@JamesRojasNews) reports.

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