Former Compound In N.H. Now Renovated And On Sale For $1.59 Million

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Photo: Getty Images

PLAINFIELD, N.H. (WBZ NewsRadio) — From a former compound to a “quintessential country estate;" a New Hampshire home has undergone the ultimate home makeover.

Home of Ed and Elaine Brown, who were anti-government celebrities in 2007, they held federal agents at bay for nine months following being convicted for tax evasion.

The 103-acre property was filled with escape routes and booby-traps, according to U.S. marshals.

In 2015, the home sold for $250,000 to a businessman.

A couple recently purchased the home and renovated it. Now the property on Center Of Town Road is on sale for $1.59 million.

"This unique splendidly renovated contemporary home features a sprawling floor plan, an elegant display of design, fine craftsmanship, and placed high on the top of a Southeast facing ridge," the listing stated.

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