Fun Cheap and Free New England Guide Recommends Budget Friendly Activities

Photo: Getty Images

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — The New England parents' guide to fun, cheap, free, and child-friendly activities is accessible with an Instagram account sharing low-budget outing ideas.

Sarah Hill, the mother behind the account "Fun Cheap Or Free New England" finds inexpensive activities and local places to create a community resource guide to help other parents.

"Often as parents you go to new places, you try new things and you really don't know what you're walking into," Hill says.

Hill goes to the places she posts about and writes about her experience at each. She takes note of every place she visits and categorizes them as: fun, cheap, or free.

Fun Cheap Or Free New England documents local deals to keep families informed of budget-friendly activities. Some experiences and places she posts about include museums, pools, beaches, amusement parks, and resorts.

WBZ's Chris Fama (CFamaWBZ) reports:

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