Gas Prices In Mass. Are At A Record High. Here Are Some Tips To Save.

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Average gas prices once again broke a record in Massachusetts on Thursday, for the fourth day in a row — as of Thursday morning, the average price for a gallon of regular was about $4.35.

In response to the spiking gas prices, AAA released a cheat-sheet to help drivers save some of that precious fuel. For one, the organization said to slow down on the highway: fuel efficiency in most cars peaks at around 50 mph, and slowing down on the high way by as little as five to ten mph can increase a car's fuel efficiency by as much as 14%.

AAA said fully-inflated tires are important, because underinflated tires can be bad for fuel economy. Anything that requires a car to sit idling is a no-go, because car engines burn between a quarter and half a gallon of gas per hour when idling.

On the flip side, the organization said a warm engine only uses a tiny amount of fuel to restart.

Wholesale clubs like Sam's Club and Costco are also a good call, as these places often offer cheaper gas for their members.

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