Get Stoned, Get Together, And Get Knitting With Somerville's 'Lit Knits'

Photo: Chaiel Schaffel/WBZ NewsRadio

SOMERVILLE, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Some people get high on marijuana and watch television, while others listen to music or simply go to sleep. When Jess Sanford gets high, she grabs her knitting needles and gets to work.

"Getting stoned is often the pre-activity to a lot of activities that are fun, and for knitters and crocheters, we really love making stuff," Sanford told WBZ NewsRadio.

Sanford, a Somerville resident, wanted to form a community of like-minded stoners who love to knit. Last year, she created Lit Knits, a knitting circle that combines cannabis and crafting.

"I smoke weed at home, and then what I want to do is sit and do my little crafts, and I was like, 'I bet a bunch of other people wanted to do their little crafts,'" Sanford said.

Lit Knits meets every Thursday for free at The Goods Cannabis in Davis Square. The dispensary hosts the knitting circle in one of their rooms, with snacks on the table as people chat and craft.

According to Sanford, about 16 people show up every week, including newcomer Christina.

"You’re, like, talking to people and we’re all kinda, like, in the same state of mind, and I think that’s just the best part," Christina said.

There are a few rules for people attending Lit Knits. They must be 21 and older to enter the dispensary and must consume their cannabis before they arrive in accordance with state law. The group's poster also insists people avoid driving to the meeting while high.

Despite the emphasis on smoking up and knitting down, however, Sanford stressed that you don't need to get high to attend the circle; at the end of the day, it's all about the love of crafting.

"When you have a sense of community really nearby, people with similar interests, it just makes life brighter," Sanford said.

WBZ’s Chaiel Schaffel (@CSchaffelWBZ) reports.

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