"Goat-Scaping" Taking Place At One New Bedford Park

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NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — The City of New Bedford has hired some new landscapers to do some work at a local park and these workers are unique because they walk on all fours.

Invasive plants are spreading at Riverside Park and that is why, Mayor Jon Mitchell decided to call in reinforcements, a bunch of goats.

A crew of 100 goats will be at the park for the entire week, to chow down on the invasive plants, which include Poison Ivy.

The goal is to clear the way for a new garden full of native plants. The goats are part of "Goats To Go", which is out of Great Rock Farm in Georgetown.

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Co-owner Michelle Aulson runs the goat-scaping company and says this is a natural occurring mechanism.

She added they can access areas where it's tough for mowing equipment to reach. Aulson calls this a "win-win scenario" because humans get landscaping done while the goats get to dine.

The goats don't stop there, the farm also hosts goat yoga and goat snuggle and learn classes with their baby goats.

WBZ NewsRadio's Tim Dunn (@ConsiderMeDunn) Reports:

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