Gov. Baker Says Obama's Birthday Party Is "Not A Good Idea"

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) – Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker thinks former President Barack Obama’s upcoming birthday party is not the best idea given the rise of Covid cases.

Obama is expected to host several hundred people at his 60th birthday party this weekend on Martha’s Vineyard. The event will reportedly be held outside and a Covid safety coordinator will be present at the venue.

Baker was asked at his press conference Tuesday if he received an invitation to the party, scheduled for Friday.

“No,” he replied, “but I can tell you that if I were invited I would have declined.”

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The governor reiterated how people with multiple health conditions and older people are still susceptible to contracting the virus even if they are vaccinated.

“Any big group that involves people who fall into those categories,” Baker said. “I think people should either put them off, or be really careful.”

At this stage in the pandemic the governor feels that having a large outdoor gathering, such as Obama’s, is a judgment call.

“We can all make our own decision about what we think is most appropriate to us,” he said. “But even if you are vaccinated, among some of those more vulnerable populations, you should be very careful.”

Based on what he has heard, Baker said there will be no way of knowing who is vaccinated at the party.

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