Green Line Service Changes: A Shift In Downtown Reach

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — In the wake of Green Line Extension development delays, the MBTA also announced more changes to the existing Green Line, implemented on Sunday.

The Green Line service between North Station and Lechmere has been interrupted while crews work on the Lechmere Viaduct Rehabilitation in conjunction with GLX work.

Because of this, the following changes came into effect Sunday: the B and C branch trains terminate at Government Center, and the D and E branch trains terminate at North Station.

The changes to the B and C branch trains are permanent, MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak told that it's a "relatively subtle change - unless you are the person whose terminal station is changed."

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The changes effectively extended the B branch and shortened the C branch's range of service each by one stop. In other words, while B branch riders can rejoice at a larger downtown service reach, C branch riders will have to changeover at an earlier station or walk the roughly half-mile distance from Government Center to North Station.

After the Medford Branch opens the E branch trains will terminate at Medford/Tufts and the D branch trains will terminate at Union Square.

The MBTA added that empty trains may depart to Union Square as a part of the GLX testing phase.

Commuter Rail service between the Lowell and Fitchburg lines may also shut down portions of their route to support GLX work.

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