Grilling Up Some Yard Meat In Gloucester

Photo: Matt Shearer (WBZ NewsRadio)

GLOUCESTER, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Gloucester residents Tyler White and Nick Parisi are a serious pair of yard meat connoisseurs.

"We’re eating yard meat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner," White told WBZ NewsRadio.

While the term may conjure up some less than tasty images, yard meat is simply meat that is grilled in the front yard.

"I do believe that yard meat tastes better than anything made indoors," White said.

The duo are not hogging the beef all to themselves. Anyone can pull up to their home on Washington Street, chow down on some burgers or hot dogs, and give a donation to show their support.

The Gloucester Health Department has told White and Parisi that they can continue to cook as long as they do not actually sell the meat. The state health inspector has taken up the case this week.

"If they shut us down, the only thing we could do is go on hunger strike because I’m not eating raw meat," Parisi said.

WBZ's Matt Shearer (@MattWBZ) reports.

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