Guns For Gift Cards Program Has Drop-Offs Across Greater Boston

Photo: Getty Images

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — The 2021 Guns for Gift Cards Program asked residents to turn in guns, and those who did received a $100 gift card in return. The program took place Saturday and had drop-off locations in Dorchester, East Boston, and Roslindale among others.

Boston Police said that any person dropping off a firearm would not be questioned or prosecuted for unlawful possession of that specific firearm.

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According to police, the guns had to be turned in unloaded, placed in a clear plastic bag, and then placed in another container like a gym bag or backpack. Ammunition was to be turned in via a separate bag, police said.

Guns were screened by officers to determine if they were working firearms, after which gift cards were awarded. Rifles and shotguns were accepted, but police said that they would not issue an incentive.

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