Here's How You Can Sew Your Own Face Mask

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is now recommending that everyone covers their face when they go out into public to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Here's how you can make your own cloth mask at home. You can do this by hand sewing or with a sewing machine. And an iron will be helpful if you have one.

Cut Fabric:

First, you'll want to prepare your fabric. Cut two identical pieces for your mask that are 6.5 inches by 9.5 inches each.

Then, you'll want to cut fabric that will be made into ties for the mask. Cut four pieces, with each being 1.5 inches by 18 inches.

Step 1:

First, we'll make our fabric ties. You'll want to have an iron handy to make this process easier.

Fold over a small portion of fabric at the top of your tie and iron it flat so it doesn't fray. This will be the outside edge of your tie. The other end will remain unfinished, but will be sewed securely inside of the mask.

Step 2:

Next, fold the edges in so that they meet in the middle. Then, iron it flat.

Step 3:

Now, fold it in half - longways - and iron it again. Then, pin it so the shape of your tie is secure and ready to sewn.

Step 4:

Do this for all four of your mask ties. Then, sew them in a straight line down the tie so that the fabric remains closed.

Step 5:

Pin each unfinished end of your ties (the end you didn't fold over at the top) to the corners of the first piece of your main mask fabric. Do this so that the ties face inward. Make sure you keep the right side of the fabric facing toward you.

Step 6:

Now, take the second piece of mask fabric that you previously cut and pin it to to your first piece. You can remove the pins holding your ties in place and re-pin all three layers so that your tie is sandwiched between the two pieces of fabric.

Make sure the wrong side of the mask fabric is facing out, so that the two correct sides are touching each other.

Step 7:

Sew along the edges of the mask, making sure to sew the edges of the ties in place. You'll want to leave about a two inch opening on one of the sides. This is so you'll be able to turn the mask inside out after sewing.

Step 8:

Turn the mask inside out through the opening, and then iron it flat. At the opening, fold the edges in so it matches the rest of the seam and iron it down.

Step 9:

Pin in three pleats. You can do this with small folds along the edges of each side of the mask. When you pleat it, the height of the mask will decrease. You'll want it to be about 3 inches tall.

Iron down the pleats so that it lays flat, making it easier to sew them down.

Step 10:

Sew along the edges so that the pleats are secure. Trim any extra threads and you're done!

This tutorial used techniques from this guide by the New York Times and this YouTube video tutorial by Erica Arndt.

The sewing for this tutorial was done by WBZ NewsRadio's Bea Aldrich (@BaldrichWBZ).

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