Here's Your Weekly Good News

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Amid the news stories of isolation and sickness, there are thousands of tales of community and care. Despite the global pandemic, it was another week full of kind deeds and good things happening across the world.

A lot of that goodness was seen right here in Massachusetts, with people sending messages of love and support to each other in a variety of different ways.

Here's your weekly dose of local good news from WBZ NewsRadio. Enjoy!

Florists Brightened Up Downtown Chelsea

The city hit hardest in the state by the pandemic definitely deserves the most cheering up. That's why local florists decided to take their surplus flowers and create towering displays of floral arrangements for residents to enjoy.

As Chelsea's residents donned their masks and stood in line to pick up care packages from the National Guard this week, they got to enjoy the sight and smells of springtime flowers filling the air to remind them brighter days are ahead.

Bigfoot Was Found Central Mass.

A six-foot statue of Bigfoot has been returned to its owner after it was stolen by two hooded thieves from the side of Route 20 in Brimfield, Mass. on Wednesday night.

The statue's owner, UMass Anthropology professor Todd Disotell, put out a reward for the statue, which was a gift and is worth around $2,400. He's been using it spread social distancing messages by covering the Bigfoot in a face mask and surrounding it with signs about staying safe during the pandemic.

Security video was released on Thursday showing two people breaking the life-size replica from its chains outside Disotell's home and taking off with it. Good news- early Friday morning, police said Sasquatch had been found in Worcester. No word on who reported the sighting.

Cute Penguin Pageant, Anyone?

This week was all about being thankful for nature. On Wednesday the world celebrated Earth Day, Thursday was National Picnic Day, Friday was National Arbor Day, and Saturday was World Penguin Day.

It goes without saying, baby penguins are pretty fluffy and cute. On this World Penguin Day, the New England Aquarium announced it had entered its own adorable rockhopper penguin, Sea Cat, into a #PenguinCutiePageant. You can vote for Sea Cat to win on Instagram.

The Zoo Is Recruiting Citizen Scientists

This week Zoo New England held its 5th annual Boston Area City Nature Challenge, but on a global scale. Instead of the usual local competition-style event, Zoo New England worked with locked down cities around the world "to celebrate the biodiversity around us - wherever we might be!"

People from all around the planet have been taking part in the collaborative project this week, by going into the nature around them, recording their observations, and reporting it to Zoo New England online. The website even has an online guide full of helpful resources for how to safely explore the nature around your home.

"We can take full advantage of the iNaturalist app as a social platform and community to come together online to document biodiversity as we practice social distancing," said Zoo New England. Data collection will continue through April 27, identifications will take place April 28 to May 3, and the collective results will be shared on May 4.

"Rocky" And Cheers For Virus Survivors In Springfield

Patients who beat COVID-19 are being given a heroes' exit from Bay State Medical Center. Springfield's healthcare workers have taken to calling "CodeRocky" over the loudspeaker anytime they are getting ready to discharge someone who has beaten the coronavirus.

Upon hearing the call, available workers have been lining the hallways, clapping and cheering for each patient as they leave the building. Meanwhile, the theme tune from the iconic "Rocky" movies plays over the speaker system to pump them all up. The "CodeRocky" initiative is now in effect at all four Bay State facilities.

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