"IceFlow" Puts Yoga On Ice, Classes Slide Into The Rink At 401 Park

Photo: Photo Courtesy of WBZ's Suzanne Sausville

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — The opposite of "hot yoga," a sort of "cold yoga," slid into action at the Rink at 401 Park and will continue to every Sunday this winter.

Named "IceFlow," the program began to offer participants the opportunity to practice basic skating moves while stretching, breathing, and gliding along to music.

"We use our breath, connect our breathing with our moving, and we inhale joy and light- things that fill and serve us. Then we exhale everything we don't need to carry," said IceFlow teacher Elin Schran of JoySkate Productions. According to Fenway.com, Schran has been teaching IceFlow yoga for 15 years, with a positive and non-judgmental approach aimed to make people feel welcome to skate within their comfort zone.

Schran said typical yoga poses like the "downward dog" or "Shavasana" were not practiced because of the ice underneath the yoga enthusiasts.

"It's not about jumps and twists," said Needham participant Debbie, "it's just about being here, being in this moment, enjoying the outdoor world, and being very present."

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Classes were scheduled to run every Sunday morning throughout the winter, interested participants can register here.

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