Iconic Taunton Doughnut Shop Reopens After Almost Two Years

Colonial Donut Shop is known for it's 1960s-inspired look Photo: Taken by WBZ's Kin Tunnicliffe

TAUNTON, Mass (WBZ NewsRadio) – An iconic shop in Taunton has reopened its doors after the pandemic forced its closure for a year and a half.

While long lines are common for Colonial Donut Shop, located on Broadway, the line on Tuesday wrapped around the entire block.

“I had twelve dozen chocolate doughnuts and four dozen of blueberry. By quarter past four, there wasn’t a doughnut in the house.”

Owner Bob George has been running the business with his brother since 1962. When George opened the doors at four in the morning, customers were already waiting outside.

“The people frenzied,” he says, “I’m out of doughnuts at 7:00.”

Longtime customers were eager to welcome back the shop’s owners and get a taste of their handmade sweets. Melissa Lewis attests to the quality of the doughnuts

“It’s just the taste” she says, “once you bite one you can never go back.”

George reopened the shop last week and is amazed at the massive turnout he continues to see. He says before the pandemic, the shop would see up to ten thousand people a day.

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