Boyfriend of Manchester Murder Victim Appears In Court

Jeremy Winslow appears before a judge through video teleconference on March 8 on cocaine possession and driving with a suspended license. (Credit: Kim Tunnicliffe/WBZ NewsRadio)

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (WBZ NewsRadio) — The man whose girlfriend was killed as the pair drove away from a Manchester, NH bar Saturday night appeared before a judge Friday.

Jeremy Winslow, 34, was arraigned on charges that had nothing to do with his girlfriend's death.

He faces new charges of cocaine possession and driving with a suspended license.

The prosecution says that Winslow has a lengthy criminal history, warrants in three states, has failed to show up in court several times and is therefore a flight risk.

Appearing by video conference from the Rockingham County Jail, Winslow put his head down and cried when is defense attorney Mark Osbourne brought up the night Tanya Hall died.

Authorities say that Hall, 34 was shot and killed while the couple was leaving the Manchvegas Bar and Grill nightclub on March 2.

Winslow alleges that there was a prior confrontation with the accused shooter and a group inside the club.

Authorities say that alleged shooter Justin Moura, 34, of Manchester is being held on second degree murder charges in the connection with the death Hall. Moura pleaded not-guilty and will appear for a bail hearing on March 12. A police affidavit in the case has been sealed.

Osbourne portrayed Winslow as a man in mourning after the shooting death of Hall.

“Let's not forget, he is the victim of a crime. That seems to [have] been overlooked by the state, but he is the victim of a crime. He wants justice for himself and he wants justice for his deceased girlfriend.” Osbourne said.

Claiming he’s a victim, Winslow’s attorney argued that he should be released on personal recognizance for the charges.

The judge disagreed, citing his lengthy criminal past and set bail at $10,000.

“I can't overlook the fact, nor should anybody else, that my client was fired upon as he drove away. What does that make him but a victim.” Osbourne said.

Meanwhile family and friends Hall are mourning her death, a memorial is scheduled Friday evening in Londonderry according to an obituary posted online. A GoFund Me fundraising site has been established for Hall’s 18-month old son which has yielded $16,695 as of Friday.

According to the Union Leader of Manchester, NH, Hall’s family filed a restraining order on Wednesday against Winslow. In the complaint filed they said that he constantly called and texted Hall’s mother asking to see the child which is not his. In addition Winslow appeared in Nashua District Court for another hearing related to a 2016 domestic violence case court officials say.

Investigators say Winslow is not a suspect in Hall’s death, however there is several public speculation on social media that there is more to the story and implicating him to the murder because of comments posted by Winslow and to news organizations.

Winslow’s attorney said that’s hogwash.

“Internet trolls, and arm-chair Sherlock's should not have a say in what happens procedurally with this case. Rumors are rumors they don’t deserve to be addressed.”

"According to newly released information, it shows that Winslow has a lengthy criminal history, involving 59 cases going back 17 years."

Authorities say that the investigation into the shooting is still on going.

WBZ NewsRadio’s Kim Tunnicliffe (@KimWBZ) reports.

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