Julian Edelman Shares A Bizarre Interaction With Bill Belichick

Divisional Round - Houston Texans v New England Patriots

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) —New England Patriots wide receiver and Super Bowl 53 MVP Julian Edelman released his documentary "100% Julian Edelman" on showtime back in June. Now a few months later, some of the outtakes from the special are beginning to trickle out.

One of the more bizarre ones comes when Edelman describes a late night interaction with head coach Bill Belichick at the team facility.

"One time I was there, it was probably my third or fourth year in the building, I liked hanging out at the facility. I'd use the cold tubs til 10 or 11 o'clock at night" Edelman said. "I go somewhere in the facility and I just so happen to walk by the hot tub and Coach is in the hot tub. Obviously I came in the room to go in the hot tub, but then we made eye contact and my natural instinct was like, 'I was gonna leave.' But then I saw that he saw that I was in there, and he got up and got out, and - real real big party foul by coach - I mean we're supposed to have shorts on.... But I guess at 11 o'clock when you're the GOAT of coaching you go wherever you want freeball."

Belichick left the room while Edelman tried to hide the look of terror on his face after seeing his coach in the buff. The receiver then went in the hot tub and thought to himself that he never knew people used the machine in public without wearing shorts!

When Edelman went to leave the facility a half hour later, he was hoping to to avoid being seen, but as he was walking down the hall, Bill Belichick came around the corner. Julian walked about a foot behind his coach and attempted to start a conversation. "Coach it's pretty amazing you're here this late," Edelman said.

Belichick turned around, looked back and in true Belichick-fashion, and had a quick response on hand.

"It beats being a plumber. See you tomorrow."

Listen to Julian tell the story himself:

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