July 3rd Bonfires Set To Return To Plymouth Beaches

White Horse Beach, Plymouth MA

White Horse Beach in Plymouth, MAPhoto: Jim Mackay/WBZ NewsRadio

PLYMOUTH, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — When it comes to Independence Day Weekend -- Plymouth is known for it's July 3 bonfires and fireworks.

"I can see them from my yard-- I can see them from my balcony, so its pretty," one Manomet resident said at White Horse Beach.

The beach itself does not have an official fireworks show, but some residents still typically fire them off in private displays.

Hosting bonfires on July 3 has been a tradition in the area since around the 1940's -- but it was put on hold last year because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

They are permitted for several local beaches in the town, but are most commonly lit at White Horse Beach.

Local police and law enforcement officials said they will be monitoring the area throughout the weekend for illegal activity and public consumption of alcohol.

Meanwhile Plymouth as a town will be hosting it's annual Fourth of July fireworks this year on Monday, July 5 over the downtown harbor waterfront.

WBZ's Jim MacKay (@JimMacKayOnAir) reports.

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