Kevin Spacey Lawyers Seek Accuser's Cellphone, Other Records

Kevin Spacey Trial

NANTUCKET, Mass. (AP) — Attorneys for Kevin Spacey are seeking surveillance footage, text messages and other records they say they need to defend the disgraced actor against accusations that he groped a young Massachusetts man in 2016 at a Nantucket bar.

Kevin Spacey's lawyers asked the judge in court documents filed this week to order the accuser to turn over his cellphone so they can retrieve messages, photos and other data.

They also want documents from the accuser's civil attorney, including fee agreements with the accuser's family.

The lawyers say they believe the accuser intends to file a civil lawsuit against Spacey, which they say would bolster the defense's argument that the accuser has a "substantial financial motivation to falsify his claims."

Spacey pleaded not guilty last month. A hearing is scheduled for Monday, but the judge said Spacey doesn't have to attend.

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