Logan Not On FAA List Of Airports With 5G Buffer Zone

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Logan Airport is not on the list of airports that will be employing a buffer zone when wireless companies turn on their new 5G C-band services on Jan. 19.

This list stems from concerns from the FAA that the new towers could disrupt automated landing systems used in planes to allow pilots to land in low-visibility situations. The buffer zones will create areas where 5G towers are turned off or weakened to prevent any potential disruptions.

The list includes nearly 50 airports in places like New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, and Miami. However, the FAA said issues could result at airports that are not included on the list. Reasons for airports not making the list include being far enough away from a 5G tower that there is a natural buffer already or the airports do not allow low-visibility landings.

The FAA did not comment on why Logan Airport did not make the list.

"The FAA continues to work with the aerospace manufacturers and wireless companies to make sure 5G is safely deployed and to limit the risk of flight disruptions at all airports," the agency said in a statement.

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However, some experts are not buying the FAA's concerns surrounding 5G. Bob O'Donnell, a tech industry analyst with Technalysis, said 5G does not pose a serious threat to landings and the same planes have been landing safely in other countries that have 5G without any issues.

"The concern is all based on a single report that the FAA did several years ago that has been determined to be horrifically flawed," O'Donell said.

He said he believes airlines and passengers are being caught in a standoff between the FAA and the FCC over the issue of 5G.

"It's odd, it's sort of a weird upmanship kind of game between these two governmental organizations," O'Donnell said.

WBZ's Suzanne Sausville (@wbzsausville) reports.

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