Longtime "Matty in the Morning" Host Matt Siegel Is Retiring

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Longtime Boston radio personality and host Matt Siegel says he is retiring.

"As of now, I am retired...I'm starting my new retired life as a lousy golfer," Siegel said in a recorded message on the air Tuesday morning.

Siegel hadn't appeared on air for about two weeks prior to the announcement, along with co-host Lisa Donovan. He said the past year had been rough for him, which motivated his decision to retire.

"I had brain surgery, I had a broken foot," he said. "I started getting a little grumpy on the radio, which I hate because all I want to do is make people laugh. That's my job."

Fans of "Matty In The Morning" were shocked by the announcement.

"He's an institution ... it's the end of an era," one longtime listener told WBZ's Drew Moholland.

He said he was particularly proud of his two Marconi Prizes, presented to the top radio personality in the country.

"It's been such a glorious run, I am so appreciative," Siegel said. "I think back to when I started radio making $2 an hour, I never thought I would amount to this."

Siegel's show, "Matty In The Morning," celebrated 40 years on the air in Boston in January 2021. He turned 72-years-old this year.

"One more thing, if you want to see me, come visit me in Florida, I love you guys," Siegel said at the end of his message.

WBZ's Drew Moholland (@DrewWBZ) reports.

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