Love Birds: Goose Pays Visit To Mate Getting Surgery At NE Wildlife Center

Goose Pays Visit To Mate Getting Surgery At N.E. Wildlife Center

Goose pays a visit to mate getting surgery at N.E. Wildlife Center in Cape Cod, MA. Photo: Courtesy of N.E. Wildlife Center Cape Cod Branch

CAPE COD, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — The New England Wildlife Center's Cape Cod branch is highlighting a classic story of "love birds" between two Canadian Geese.

According to Center Executive Director Zak Mertz, the mated pair live on a pond near the center. Staff members took Arnold, the male bird, in for an exam on Wednesday after noticing that he was limping and falling over.

"[They] quickly realized he had two open fractures on one of his feet, leaving the bone exposed," Mertz said.

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Staff began performing surgery on Arnold right away when they eventually heard tapping coming from the outside door and noticed his mate standing outside.

"She had not only found her way up onto the porch, but to the exact spot where Arnold was having surgery," Mertz said. "She was truly trying to get inside, and part of that was pecking at the door."

Mertz said the goose stood in that spot throughout Arnold's entire procedure. For his recovery, they placed him on the ground in the doorway so the two could see each other.

"In the presence of his mate -- he was pretty calm, and the mate calmed down too," he said. "She actually stuck her neck through the doorway and started grooming him."

Arnold is expected to make a full recovery. You can see the center's post about the pair on it's Facebook page.

WBZ's Kim Tunniciffe (@KimWBZ) reports.

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