Lowell High School Will Ban Phones In The Classroom Starting Next Week

Photo: Madison Rogers/WBZ NewsRadio

LOWELL, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) —  Lowell High School is one of the latest local schools to ban student phone usage in the classroom. Starting next Monday, students will have to put their phones in a box once they enter the classroom and won't get them back until they leave.

This decision was met with pushback from some students, including a junior who made a petition that has nearly 1,300 signatures as of Wednesday afternoon. WBZ’s Madison Rogers spoke to some students about the issue.  

“My mom doesn’t pay for my phone, I pay for my phone so, I think it’s just rude that they are taking your property," said one student.  

The district said in a statement that the students “should give the policy a chance for a while and see how it works." The district also says that “the devices have become a distraction, and a serious barrier to learning and engagement." 

Other students feel differently and are more in support of these new measures to bring the focus back to the classroom.

“School is more than just like going to school, there’s more to it. If you take advantage of the knowledge that you’re learning, then that’s all that matters," said another.  

WBZ NewsRadio's Madison Rogers (@MadisonWBZ) reports: 

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