Lowell Police Utilize Virtual Reality For De-Escalation Training

Lowell Police commanders inspect the new VirTira V-300 virtual reality simulator.Photo: Photo Courtesy of the Lowell Police Department

LOWELL, Mass (WBZ NewsRadio) — On Tuesday, the Lowell Police Department unveiled its newly installed virtual reality training system to the public. The Department leased a VirTira V-300, a law enforcement situational training simulator capable of active threat, dog encounters, time drills, and de-escalation training. Lowell Police focused on the latter, practicing to help officers improve on how they respond in different situations.

Representatives of the Lowell Police said that the goal of the training was to recreate physiological stressors like an elevated heart rate and high levels of adrenaline that officers can experience on duty. The five screens on the V-300 simulator enabled officers to train in immersive virtual locations like movie theaters, courthouses, and schools.

Superintendent of Police, Raymond Kelly Richardson said, "Training is one of the most important elements in preparing any police officer for the dangerous work they do, as well as for the quick decision making that is required."

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Richardson went on to say that working with the V-300 will ensure training methods are up-to-date with Department policies, procedures, and policing strategies.

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