Lynn Fire Department Shows Ropes To City's First-Ever Youth Fire Academy

Photo: Courtesy of the Lynn Fire Department.

LYNN, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Teenagers that have gone through Lynn's first-ever "Youth Fire Academy" are walking away from the four week program with knowledge on what it takes to be a firefighter.

The Lynn Fire Department says that exercises covered a range of topics including: fire suppression, search & rescue, and Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). But along the way, Lynn Fire Chief Stephen Archer told WBZ's Kendall Buhl the trainees had plenty of fun.

"As difficult as the job can be, and as dangerous as it can be sometimes, we get to work with a lot of really cool equipment— sometimes we refer to them as 'toys.' They've gotten hands-on work with aerial ladders, they're at the pump, they're hands-on with everything we do and they're thoroughly enjoying themselves," Archer said.

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On the last day of the training program on Friday, the LFD made the trainees lunch, marking an end to their summer lessons.

"They're learning every single aspect of what it is we do as firefighters— the emergency medical aspect, they leave here with CPR certification, they're hands-on with the fire aspect of it, hazmat incidents, nothing is left out and they're doing it in a fun and safe environment," Archer said.

As one moves on, another round of trainees is set to begin on Monday, reigniting the learning experience over at the LFD.

WBZ's Kendall Buhl (@WBZKendall) reports.

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