Malden Man Allegedly Falls Asleep With Loaded Gun On Orange Line

Photo: Getty Images

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Wednesday evening MBTA Transit Police in the South District responded to a call of a man sleeping on an Orange Line train who had a gun protruding from his waistband. According to Transit Police, the train had pulled into the Forest Hill MBTA station when police entered the train car and found Kamil Mogielnicki of Malden sleeping.

The gun appeared to be a black semi automatic handgun, which police later identified to be a 9mm Rugers. Police quickly removed and secured the weapon from Mogielnicki's person. They discovered that the gun had a fully loaded magazine in it and that Mogielnicki was not licensed to carry a firearm. Officers woke him up and placed him into custody.

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Police said it was during the arrest booking process at the Transit Police Department Headquarters that officers located controlled narcotics from Mogielnicki's person, packaged in a way consistent for resale.

Mogielnicki was to be charged with various firearm and drug related offenses.

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