Marblehead Votes To Celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day

christopher columbus statue boston indigenous peoples' day

A statue of Christopher Columbus in Boston. (VisionsofAmerica/Joe Sohm)

MARBLEHEAD, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — The town of Marblehead, Massachusetts has voted to celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day in place of Columbus Day.

Town residents voted overwhelmingly for the proposal Monday night.

Resident Holly Jaynes, among those behind the movement, told WBZ NewsRadio's James Rojas the vote was made not to erase history, but rather to clarify the history behind the explorer Christopher Columbus.

After learning about his acts of violence toward and enslavement of the indigenous population, Jaynes felt compelled to add context to Columbus's legacy.

"He may have navigated well and done other things well, but he was a brutal person," she said. "In school, we had no idea. All we knew was that in 1492, he sailed the ocean blue, and discovered America—I mean, that's what we learned."

Eight states and more than 60 cities and towns across the country now have stopped recognizing Columbus Day.

Massachusetts may be the next state to follow suit.

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WBZ NewsRadio's James Rojas (@JamesRojasWBZ) reports

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