Marlborough High Students Hold 'Trashion Show'

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Students at Marlborough High School have turned garbage into wearable clothing, holding their first-ever "Trashion Show."

They're taking discarded items and turning them into fashion. They've spent months collecting potato chip bags, bottle caps, cardboard scraps, and more for the project.

"We've collected all of these plastic bags at my house," senior Jacqueline Dillon said. "We don't do anything with them, they're just there."

But not anymore—those plastic bags are now a faux-leather jacket.

"The thing is, with plastic bags, if you cut them a certain way, you can make something called 'plarn,' which is basically just yarn, but made out of plastic," she said.

Dillon's design, which she called "Edgy Cleo-Trashra," won first prize in the Trashion Show. She said she wants people to know that the things we throw away can actually be wearable.

"There are so many of these materials, especially plastic bags and stuff, they're not biodegradable, so unlike paper and stuff, they're not just gonna disappear," she said. "They're always gonna be there, so it's important to see the different ways they can be used.

The more chips her friends ate, the more material Caitlyn Giry had to work with. She then designed and made a skirt with those bags.

"The chip bags, I asked a bunch of my friends, 'Hey, are you getting chips today? Can I have the bag when you're done?'" she said.

Student Evelyn Kimball said that even though the designs are beautiful, the message is much more important.

"I think it's important for us to always be self-conscious of what we're throwing away, because it's damaging not only us, but other life forms," she said.

WBZ NewsRadio's Suzanne Sausville (@wbzSausville) reports

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