Massachusetts Locals Crochet Bernie Sanders Dolls

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — The image of Sen. Bernie Sanders sitting cross-legged while wearing mittens at the presidential inauguration has gone from a viral internet meme to a crocheted doll.

After the photo of the Vermont Senator went viral last week, Sanders' campaign quickly put the image on t-shirts and hats, sold it online, and donated the $2 million in funds to Meals on Wheels Vermont, according to the New York Times.

Knitters also jumped on the viral meme, creating a pattern for other avid-knitters to try and make their own pair of Sen. Sanders' iconic mittens.

Now, Massachusetts locals and lifelong friends Donielle Broderick and Alex Borges are joining in the fun by crocheting and selling mini Bernie Sanders dolls.

“He just becomes a mood," Borges told WBZ-TV. "The way he’s sitting, you know? Arms and legs crossed, just like unphased, kept to himself just in his own little world."

According to WBZ-TV, Texas-based blogger Tobey King first crocheted a Bernie doll last week, which has since been auctioned off on Ebay to raise more than $40,000 for Meals on Wheels. King then sold the pattern on Etsy for $5, allowing crocheters like Broderick and Borges to replicate the doll.

Broderick and Borges said it can take them anywhere from five to six hours to make each doll. They're being sold at $50 each, and every doll comes with a pair of glasses and a tiny comb, so owners can create Bernie's signature messy hairstyle.

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Written by Brit Smith

(Photo: Getty Images)

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