Massachusetts Officially Has A New State Dinosaur

Photo: Getty Images

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — The state dinosaur officially roared to life at a ceremonial bill signing at the Museum of Science with Gov. Charlie Baker on Wednesday. The Podokesaurus Holyokensis was discovered in Holyoke by Mignon Talbot in 1910 and named in a journal in 1911.

The lizard lived in the mid-Jurassic era and was about the size of a large dog. It collected about 60% of the 35,000 votes cast in a social media campaign spearheaded by State Rep. Jack Lewis.

Lewis was inspired by his son's Cub Scout troop, who learned that Massachusetts had no state dinosaur.

Governor Baker sounded nostalgic when he talked about his own discovery of dinosaurs in his youth.

"The main reason they got me interested is because of their majesty, and their ferocity, and their almost alien-being status. As a kid, they just created wonder," he said.

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