Massachusetts Towns With Dangerous Drinking Water

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — You may "love that dirty water," but you probably don't love it coming out of the faucet in your home. According to WBZ-TV's I-Team, several communities around Massachusetts are finding their tap water is making them sick.

The investigative team dug into a database of drinking water test results from every community in the state, and found that a number of towns' water supplies were bordering on being unsafe for consumption.

According to the I-Team report, the Acton Water Supply showed levels of arsenic close to the federal limit, which has been linked to cancer.

There were also high levels of the toxic chemical PFAS detected in Westfield's water supply, believed to have come from foam used in firefighter training at the Barnes Air National Guard base.

The same dangerous chemical turned up in Danvers, Hudson, Mashpee, and Hyannis, according to the Environmental Working Group's annual drinking water database.

State regulators are said to be considering lowering the PFAS standard from 70 parts per trillion to 20 parts per trillion.

If you want to see all different kinds of contaminant levels in your water, you can punch your zip code into this website.

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