MassDOT Updates Residents On Bourne, Sagamore Bridges Replacement Project

Photo: Jim MacKay/WBZ NewsRadio

BOURNE, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — The Massachusetts Department of Transportation held informational meetings on Monday to give updates on the Cape Cod Bridges Program.

Work is scheduled to begin in 2026 to replace the Sagamore and Bourne Bridges, and the project is funded by both state and federal governments.

MassDOT said that these bridges — which are currently owned and maintained by the United States Army Corps of Engineers — are “structurally deficient, functionally obsolete, and nearing the end of their usable life" and therefore need to be replaced.

MassDOT has plans to complete work on the bridges by 2034.

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Residents in the area told WBZ NewsRadio’s Jim MacKay that they’re ready for the replacements. “Now it’s time for a new, safer bridge,” said one person.

Another person agreed. “The fact that it’s been delayed this many years and the bridge has continued to deteriorate is very concerning.”

MassDOT rendering of the Cape Cod Bridges ProgramPhoto: Courtesy of MassDOT

One of the major goals of the Cape Cod Bridges Program is to improve the safety of the two bridges by separating traffic in each direction to its own bridge, MassDOT explained, and by widening the car lanes and creating safe routes for pedestrians and cyclists crossing the canal.

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Other people reacted to the planned replacement project by pointing to the historical importance of the two bridges. “I would love to see them preserve it,” said one person.

Linda lives in Bourne, and she said that “we walk across this [bridge] multiple times a week.” She added that she’s excited to have a more pedestrian-friendly bridge in the future.

Other people shared how important it is to replace the bridges with safer structures. “Every time you cross, you see relics of past car accidents,” said one person.

MassDOT rendering of the Cape Cod Bridges ProgramPhoto: Courtesy of MassDOT

Both the Sagamore and Bourne Bridges were built almost 90 years ago. After the opening of the Cape Cod Canal in 1914 and the start of construction of the two bridges in 1933, Cape Cod became more connected to the rest of Massachusetts, and people were able to transfer goods between the two areas more easily.

MassDOT also explained that the bridges allow visitors to get to Cape Cod and support the tourism industry, and the two bridges are the only way that vehicles can transport goods and services to and from the region.

WBZ NewsRadio's Jim MacKay (@JimMacKayOnAir) reports.

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