Mayor-Elect Wu: Dorchester Principal Attack Is "Horrific, Unfortunate"

Photo: James Rojas

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — In a Friday morning interview on WBZ NewsRadio, Boston Mayor-Elect Michelle Wu called Wednesday's attack on a principal "horrific" and "unfortunate."

On Wednesday, a 16-year-old female allegedly attacked the principal of Dr. William W. Henderson Inclusion School after dismissal leaving the principal unconscious with serious injuries. The teenager was charged with delinquency and assault and battery and is being held on $5,000 bail, according to a statement from the Suffolk District Attorney.

"As a mom with kids in our school system, we'll ensure that every one of our schools is safe for our young people, for our educators, and for our whole school community," Wu said.

Wu said there were school police on-site when the incident occurred and wants to focus on what she said is the root issue behind this outburst.

"Young people and our whole communities have been under very intense pressure and stress," Wu said. "We need to support these communities ahead of time. We need investment and support in social and emotional wellbeing, in housing stability, in food access, and of course, having safe environments in every single school building."

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Wu said she had been in touch with the school department, families, and officials from the Henderson Inclusion School to work to prevent future incidents. Classes at the school were canceled for the second day in a row on Friday.

The mayor-elect also discussed her quick turnaround from being elected to being sworn in and how she's working to fill as many positions as she can before she gets sworn in on Nov. 16.

"We will not have every single position set and ready as if we had until January," Wu said. "This will be an ongoing process that we will take our time to get right and in the meantime, we are hitting the ground running."

As for getting to work at city hall, Wu said she still plans on taking the MBTA as she had before.

"I've taken the T every day so far since the election," Wu said. "It gives me a daily view into how well our systems are working."

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