MBTA Commuter Rail Train Derails Outside North Station

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Around 300 passengers were stuck on an MBTA Commuter Rail train after it derailed outside of North Station Tuesday morning.

Keolis, the company that runs the Commuter Rail, said train 102 "experienced a slow-speed upright derailment" near Sullivan Square around 7 a.m.

There are no injuries, and the train, which was heading into the city from Rockport, is upright.

WBZ NewsRadio's Jeff Brown spoke with passenger Jess Prouty from Swampscott, who was on the derailed train.

"As we were coming in, it looks like we're about five minutes from Boston, the train engine derailed," she said. "It's apparently called an upright derailment, where the engine just kind of falls off the tracks, and the conductor let us know that the engine fell off the train, so we are sitting in the dark."

Prouty said that passengers were first told they would be bussed, but it was eventually decided that a spare locomotive would push the train into North Station.

"It just felt like the train abruptly stopped," Prouty said. "It's very quiet ... lots of phone calls into work, saying we're all going to be late."

Keolis said they expect the incident to cause further delays for the Newburyport, Rockport, and Haverhill lines.

The passengers were off the train and at North Station before 8:30 a.m.

Keolis Public Affairs Director Tory Mazzola spoke to WBZ NewsRadio after the derailment.

"Although it's no consolation to the passengers who have seen delays this morning, the incident really is isolated, the delays are isolated to the Newburyport, Rockport, and Haverhill lines," Mazzola said. "So for your listeners who are travelling on other Commuter Rail lines, they won't see delays as a result of this incident, unless they're on the Newburyport, Rockport, or Haverhill lines."

The company is apologizing for the inconvenience and asking for patience. The MBTA and the Federal Railroad Administration are working with Keolis to investigate the cause of the derailment.

(Photo: MBTA Commuter Rail)

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WBZ NewsRadio's Jeff Brown (@jeffbrownwbz) reports

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