MBTA Planning On Multi-Billion-Dollar Commuter Rail Overhaul

WBZ Stock Photo MBTA Commuter Rail

(Mario Jarjour/WBZ NewsRadio)

BOSTON (AP) — The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is planning to spend $10 billion to $28 billion on updates to the commuter rail.

The Boston Herald reports the Fiscal and Management Control Board approved on Monday a series of resolutions directing the MBTA to start working on an overhaul of the commuter rail.

The project is intended to decrease the number of commuters traveling by car by 2040.

Potential updates could include the electrification of main commuter rail lines and running trains every 15 to 20 minutes all day. The most expensive version of these plans would include building a tunnel linking North and South stations.

Gov. Charlie Baker would not confirm how the multi-billion-dollar project will be funded.

The approved resolutions don’t allocate any funds or set any immediate projects in motion.

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