MBTA Unveils New Fare Validation Plan at Lechmere, Union Square Stops

Photo: Karyn Regal/WBZ NewsRadio

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — When riders hop on for a ride at the MBTA's new Green Line Extension stops, they'll have to use a different method to pay for their trip, for now.

The MBTA announced with a video on Friday the new process for validating fares that riders will need to use at the new Lechmere and Union Square Green Line stops on the D branch, that open for service on March 21.

Instead of paying by going through an entry gate at the station or paying at a farebox at the front of each trolley, riders will instead have to validate their ticket at one of the fare vending machines located at street level at the Lechmere station and just before the platform at Union Square. This applies to all CharlieCards, except the old CharlieTickets that need to be inserted into the farebox.

Prior to boarding the trolley, riders will need to tap their card on the target on the fare machine, select "validation" from the on-screen menu, tap their card on the target again, and then they are all set to ride the train. This process will deduct the fare from the CharlieCard and the machine will give each rider a receipt to show they've paid for the ride.

This process is necessary because the new stations were not designed to have the traditional fare gates seen at most MBTA stations. An MBTA spokesperson said this system will be temporary until the MBTA's new fare collection system is set up, which they hope will allow passengers to board trains quicker.

For above-ground stops on the Green Line, riders must pay at the farebox at the front of each trolley before boarding. The new plan will see fareboxes installed at each entrance of the trolleys, to allow for riders to enter through any doors on the trolley.

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The new stations will have riders board through the center doors of the train instead of at the front. Anyone who does not validate their fare using this method prior to boarding the train will have to walk to the front of the train to pay for their trip.

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