Medford Heroine Honored For Involvement In Boston Tea Party

Photo: Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

MEDFORD, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) – A local woman, who was a key figure in the Boston Tea Party, is recognized for her efforts 250 years later.

Sarah Bradlee Fulton is known as “The Mother of the Boston Tea Party.” Fulton disguised her husbands, brothers and other tea party participants for the fateful night in Boston Harbor.

Laura Duggan, the modern-day re-enactor of Bradlee Fulton and said she was the brains behind the operation.

“It was her who came up with the idea for the Sons of Liberty to dress up as indigenous people and then go down to the Wharf and throw all that tea into the harbor,” Duggan said. “Not only that, she outfitted many of them with her sister-in-law in Boston.”

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Bradlee Fulton was honored with a commemorative plaque placed on her tombstone from the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. The organization partnered with the City of Medford to commemorate the anniversaries of the events that led up to the American Revolution.

The commemorative marker was placed at Bradlee Fulton’s gravesite in Medford’s Salem Street Burying Ground.

The organization said this plaque, among others, marks the resting places of many of the people who were involved in the “single most important event leading up to the American Revolution.”

Bradlee Fulton also helped to dispose of the disguises and served as a spy for General George Washington. After he became president, Washington visited Bradlee Fulton at her Medford home.

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