Medford, Somerville Liquor Stores Hang 'More Farts' Signs Above Entrances

Photo: Shari Small / WBZ NewsRadio

MEDFORD, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Embracing the motto of "any publicity is good publicity," the marketing efforts at liquor stores in Medford and Somerville are taking some artistic liberties when it comes to their storefront advertising.

On Tuesday, Sav Mor Spirits locations had letter board signs that featured two words: "More Farts."

WBZ's Shari Small spoke to passerby's near the store off the Mystic Valley Parkway on what they thought about the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

"I don't know, it makes it stand out a little bit more— 'more farts,' I've heard of 'beer farts' before, so that could be contributing to that. It's something that always brightens my day, and hopefully people don't follow the instructions," said Mike, who passes the sign everyday on his way to work.

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Others weren't so convinced the signs would make the cut as advertising successes compared to the stores' previous efforts.

"They change it all the time, they're funny little memes that they put up," said another passerby named Lola. But what Lola didn't know was what the most recent Sav Mor Spirits signs said, and when she took a look outside her car—

"Oh. 'More Farts.' I've never seen anything like that. No, usually what's up there makes you crack up and laugh— but that one is a bit juvenile. I don't want to remember it, that's the thing. That one is not funny, that one has my mouth like: 'say what now?'" Lola said.

WBZ's Shari Small (@ShariSmallNews) reports.

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